Postgresql pg_dumpall backup with compression

  • Last update: Apr 3, 2024
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Postgresql pg_dumpall backup with compression

Colleagues hello to all.

In today's article, we'll talk about backing up a database in Postgresql with compression. In Postgresql, one of the utilities called pg_dumpall is responsible for backup. With this utility, you can backup the entire database cluster at once. I'll show you how to make a script, and we'll add this script to the task scheduler (crontab), so that the backup is performed automatically at the specified time.< /p>


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First, we need to install the necessary package that will be responsible for compressing the backup. The package is called bzip2. To check if we have this package installed, use the command:

$. yum list installed | grep bzip2 


I already have it installed.

If your bzip2 package is not installed, then you can install it using the command:

$. yum install bzip2


The next step let's create an executable file in which we will have a script.

$. vim /home/postgres/


And in this file put:

#Backup All Database
export PGPASSWORD='Qwerty1'
export PGHOME=/app/postgresql
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/app/postgresql/lib
export PGDATA=/app/postgresql/pgdatabase/data
export BACKUPDIR="/app/postgresql_backup"
export FILE_NAME="full_cluster_`date "+%Y_%m_%d"`"
pg_dumpall --username=postgres --if-exists --clean --verbose | bzip2 > $BACKUPDIR/$FILE_NAME.sql.bz2


In the next steps, we will assign the necessary rights to this file.

$. chmod +x



The last step we need to add this file to the task scheduler (crontab) so that it runs automatically at the time we specified.

$. crontab -e


Specifying when I want my script file to be executed.

30 23 * * * bash /home/postgres/admin_scripts/


I've set my script to run every day at 11:30 pm.


Thank you all, I hope that my article helped you in some way.