Oracle - Create DBA Account and Groups

Oracle - Create DBA Account and Groups

Colleagues hello to all.

In today's article, we will talk about what kind of account and groups are needed for the normal operation of the Oracle database.

When you install Oracle for the first time, you will first need to create a few groups and users in the operating system. This will allow apply certain security settings and settings to the software without having to change settings for other users in the system. 


Oracle recommends using an account named oracle for its database engine.

Creating an account.

$. useradd oracle


Once you have created an oracle account, the next step is to create the necessary groups in the operating system.

List of required groups and their descriptions.

  • oinstall - Primary group to install for the Oracle software being installed as an Oracle Inventory group.
  • dba - Database administrative privileges.
  • oper - A limited set of database administrator rights, to start and close the database.
  • backupdba - Limited set of administrative privileges related to database backup and restore.
  • dgdba - Limited set of privileges for administration, monitoring Oracle Data Guard.
  • kmdba - A limited set of privileges for managing encryption keys, such as managing Oracle Wallet Manager.
  • racdba - Restricted set of privileges for administering Oracle RAC cluster.


Creating groups.

$. groupadd oinstall
$. groupadd dba
$. groupadd oper
$. groupadd backupdba
$. groupadd dgdba
$. groupadd kmdba
$. groupadd racdba


After we have created an account and the necessary groups for the normal operation of the Oracle DBMS, now we need to add our oracle account to each of the groups. In order to do this, we need to use a Linux command called usermod.

Add user to groups.

$. usermod -a -G oinstall oracle
$. usermod -a -G dba oracle
$. usermod -a -G oper oracle
$. usermod -a -G backupdba oracle
$. usermod -a -G dgdba oracle
$. usermod -a -G kmdba oracle
$. usermod -a -G racdba oracle


Now after all our steps, you can now try to install the Oracle DBMS.

Thank you all, I hope that my article helped you in some way.



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